Membership of The Theosophical Society

If your application to become a member of a Lodge or Branch in Australia or a National Member is accepted, you automatically become a member of The Theosophical Society in Australia as well as the International Society.

If you choose to join the TS you will not be asked to accept any particular teachings or to surrender any of your existing beliefs.

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Activities and Publications
Available to Members of The Theosophical Society

  • Members meetings, talks, discussions, seminars and workshops are held in many centres. There are also study groups and other specialised activities.
  • Many centres in Australia and throughout the world have libraries and bookshops. Lodge/Branch members normally have library membership included in their membership fees and may be eligible for a discount at their local TS bookshop.
  • Annual Conventions for members are a highlight of the Australian TS calendar, held during January in a different State each year. They usually take place in a university college in a relaxed atmosphere. Conventions provide an opportunity for members to spend time together, allowing an exchange of ideas. Talks, workshops, cultural and other programmes are provided. A convention for TS members is also held each year at the International Headquarters in India and a World Congress for members is held in a different country every seven years.
  • The TS has a national Education and Retreat Centre at Springbrook in southern Queensland, less than an hour’s drive from the Gold Coast. In comfortable accommodation units, members enjoy various schools of Theosophy, seminars, retreats and other sessions in a secluded and serene mountain setting. Events are also held at another national centre located in New South Wales, at Canyonleigh, two hours drive south-west of Sydney.
  • For people in the Perth region, events are held by the Perth Branch at its live-in Mt. Helena Retreat Centre in the Hills district just east of Perth.
  • Members automatically receive the quarterly national journal Theosophy in Australia. Most Branches also have regular newsletters. New members receive a monthly letter from the National President.
  • At present all members receive two study papers each year.
  • At the Australian Headquarters members have access to The Campbell Theosophical Research Library.
  • Subscriptions are available to the international magazine The Theosophist and other journals. Information on these may be obtained from the National Headquarters.
  • Each year there is at least one visiting lecturer from overseas, bringing fresh ideas and stimulus.

Membership of the Theosophical Society can therefore provide access to various events, publications and facilities.

If you are undecided about becoming a member of the Society, it is suggested that you join a theosophical library if there is one nearby, attend a few meetings and get to know some of the members. Some Lodges/Branches require two sponsors for membership applications. Membership fees vary depending on the Branch you wish to join. There is also an initial joining fee of $5.

In country areas where there is no local Branch it is possible to join as a National Member, with postal access to the video library and other services at the Australian Headquarters.

An application form for membership may be obtained from your local centre or from the Australian TS headquarters.

Many people appreciate the value of joining a Society in which freedom of thought and individual search for Truth are encouraged. Although unable to be active, some people maintain their membership as an affirmation of, or personal commitment to, the ideals and Objects of the Society.

Further Information

For further information about Australian centres, bookshops, libraries, programmes, or correspondence courses, please contact:

National Headquarters
The Theosophical Society in Australia
Level 2, 162 Goulburn Street,

Tel: 02 9264 7056
Fax: 02 9264 5857

or see other pages of this web site.