Some Thoughts

Page from Theosophy in Australia, June 1999


It is just in these rare silences of our busy lives that the intuition can speak to us; it is only when the illusion-bound intellect with its noisy self-assertion is quiet for a while that the voice of living truth can be heard. The moment of illumination may well be the outcome of years of mental search calling forth, as it were, by induction a corresponding activity in the world of the Real, where the untrammelled mind sees the vision and speaks to the mind in prison. But it is always the flash of intuition that shows us the truth and coordinates our laboriously gathered intellectual material.

J. J. Van der Leeuw, The Conquest of Illusion

The Flash of Understanding

I do not know if you have noticed that there is understanding when the mind is very quiet, even for a second; there is the flash of understanding when the verbalisation of thought is not.

The more you are interested in something, the more your intention to understand, the more simple, clear, free the mind is. Then verbalisation ceases. After all, thought is word, and it is the word that interferes. It is the screen of words, which is memory, that intervenes between the challenge and the response. It is the word that is responding to the challenge, which we call intellection. So, the mind that is chattering, that is verbalising, cannot understand truth – truth in relationship, not an abstract truth. There is no abstract truth. But truth is very subtle …

Like a thief in the night, it comes darkly, not when you are prepared to receive it.

J. Krishnamurti, The Book of Life