The Theosophical Society is a not-for-profit association which has had an enduring presence in the Australian community since the late nineteenth century. Members and friends who are in sympathy with its Objects and activities are welcome to donate to our Annual Fund at any time of the year.

This Fund provides an opportunity to help finance new educational initiatives and promotional activities for The Theosophical Society in Australia. It is not used for the day to day running of the Society but is reserved for special projects that may promote the TS in innovative ways.

Among other projects, the Annual Fund has financed the Society’s presence at the Melbourne Parliament of the World’s Religions, as well as the purchase of bulk copies of significant publications such as:

Literature and Aesthetics: the Journal of the Sydney Society of Literature and Aesthetics V. 21 No. 1 June 2011 Exploring the Legacies of Theosophy,


Concerning the Spiritual in Melbourne: the Influence of the Theosophical Society on some Melbourne Artists in the Early Modern Period, by Jenny McFarlane.

These publications serve to shed new light on the nature and influence of the TS in Australia and worldwide. A major project of this Fund during 2013 and 2014 has been the development of this new website, as well as the development of our e-Bulletin.

We also welcome bequests, however small. For more information about making bequests, please contact the National Secretary at: