Indo-Pacific Federation Conference — Singapore, November 2004

Picture of delegates at the Indo-Pacific Federation Conference 2004Picture of participants at Indo-Pacific Federation Conference
Singapore, November 2004

Over 120 delegates from India, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Pakistan, Myanmar, the Philippines, Australia, New Zealand and Singapore attended the triennial meeting of the Indo-Pacific Federation of the TS held in Singapore, from 5th to 7th November.

The theme was “Working Together for Theosophy”. Radha Burnier, International President of the TS, was the guest of honour and delivered a public lecture on “Life is Relationship”.

There were three workshops: “What is the essential work of the TS?”, “How can we strengthen TS work in the Indo-Pacific region?” and “Daily Life in the Light of Theosophy”. Short talks included “Solidarity in Theosophical Work” by Vicente Hao Chin, Jr, National President of the TS in the Philippines, and “Meditation, Study and Service” by Joy Mills, former International Vice-President of the Society.

A workers’ forum discussed the problems and needs of various Sections of the Theosophical Society in the region, and established priorities.