National Speakers Schedule 2017

Speakers 2017

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Free Public Lecture: The Core Mechanisms of Buddhist Spirituality

Flyer: View/Download

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Canyonleigh Event February 2017 – Some Glimpses into Western Esoteric Traditions

Gnostics, Alchemists, Medieval Mystics and Mystical Poets For TS members and non- members Presenters: National Lecturer Dianne Kynaston and members from the Sydney and Canberra region Date: 26 February 2017, 10.30am – 3.30pm Registration Cost: $10.00 per person, catering not provided. Bring: vegetarian food to share for lunch and drinks. Where: ‘Bolitho House’, Canyonleigh Centre, […]

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New Printed Media Study Course – The Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky: An Eclectic Introduction to its Study

More details at the Printed Media Study Courses page.

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Theosophy in Australia Magazine – November 2016

volume 80, number 4 [click to view] Inside: Get a Life! Get Theosophy!! A Beginningless Universe Explained National President’s Annual Report 2017 Convention Programme

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2017 School of Theosophy

Springbrook Events for Members in 2017 2017 School of Theosophy ‘The Yoga of Theosophy’ For Members of The Theosophical Society Presenter: Dr Pablo Sender, USA Dates: Tuesday 25 April – Monday 1 May 2017 Location: Springbrook Centre, 2184 Springbrook Road, Springbrook, QLD Flyer: Download Registration Form: Download

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Video: Theosophical Society in Australia Education Resources

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An Overview of the Mahatma Letters – Slideshow Presentation by Chong Sanne

Slideshow Presentation by Chong Sanne – An Overview of the Mahatma Letters

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e-Bulletin 2016 No2 Hobart picture 460w

2017 National Convention

For Members only. Theme: Eastern Spirituality, Psyche and the Human Journey. When: Saturday 21 January to Saturday 28 January 2017. Where: Sandy Bay Campus, University Of Tasmania, Hobart. Flyer: View/Download Registration Form: View/Download

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Video: The Theosophical Society in Australia

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Article – Honourable Justice V. Ramasubramanian – Passion, Dispassion, and Compassion

From The Theosophist, Volume 137 No. 6, March 2016 Read the article: Passion, Dispassion, and Compassion

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Videos from National Convention Perth 2016

Some talks given at the 2016 National Convention, held 16-23 January at University Hall, Perth. The theme of the convention was “Today’s World Problems: Insights from the Wisdom Tradition”.

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Canyonleigh Events 2016

Canyonleigh Events for Members in 2016   2016 June Event ‘Theosophy Raw and Unfiltered: the Vedas past and present’ The Rig Veda   The Upanishads   Patañjali Yoga Sutras Find out what Divine Wisdom, the one life, meditation and liberation must have meant to the authors of The Mahatma Letters. Presenter: Dara Tatray Dates: 10-12 June 2016 […]

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