Annual Convention, Adelaide, January 2008

Picture of participants at Annual Convention, Adelaide,2008Participants at the Theosophical Society in Australia Annual Convention
Adelaide, January 2008

The Perennial Philosophy” was the theme of the Annual Convention of The Theosophical Society in Australia held in Adelaide, 12–19 January 2008 at St. Mark’s College. The guest speaker was Associate Professor Harry Oldmeadow, Coordinator, Philosophy and Religious Studies, La Trobe University, Victoria.

Associate Professor Harry Oldmeadow gave two talks: “The Spiritual Dimension of the Environmental Crisis” and “Frithjof Schuon on The Transcendent Unity of Religions”. His talks were thought-provoking and generated debate and further inquiry.

The National President of the TS in Australia, Linda Oliveira, gave a presentation on “The Seal of The Theosophical Society as an Ensouled, Living Organism”.

The Convention public talk was given by Brian Parry, Supporting Lecturer of the TS in Australia, on “Mysteries and Mystics”.

Picture of Associate Professor Harry OldmeadowAssociate Professor Harry Oldmeadow

A number of workshops were held during the week. They included ‘Soul Nourishment’, ‘The Practical Application of Our Three Objects’, ‘The Masonic Tradition’, ‘The Role of Tradition in Modern Society’, ‘Yoga – A Practical Philosophy’ and ‘Experiences of Consciousness – Mind and Brain’. The Convention also featured a number of short talks and a symposium.

On Wednesday, 16 January, participants were treated to a visit to an eco-house, built according to the principles of sustainability and respect for Nature, and later on to an excursion to Victor Harbour. On the last day, conventioneers gathered for a jazz concert in the St. Mark’s College Courtyard which was much appreciated by those who attended (and even more by those who danced !)