Annual Convention, Sydney, January 2007

Picture of participants at Annual Convention, Sydney,2007Participants at the Theosophical Society in Australia Annual Convention
Sydney, January 2007

Over 120 members attended the 2007 Annual Convention of the TS in Australia, held at New College, University of New South Wales, from 13-20 January. The theme was “The Perennial Wisdom in Religion, Science and Culture”.

Our guest speakers were Dr Victor Gostin, who delivered a public lecture on ‘The Interconnected Universe, Gaia and Human Responsibility’, and Dr Olga Gostin, who presented two talks: ‘Celebrating Culture’ and ‘Culture at Crossroads’. Dr Victor Gostin also spoke on ‘The Interrelationship between Humans and the Environment’.

Workshops themes included ‘Understanding Cultural Conflicts’, ‘Theosophy and Islam’, ‘Religion on Science and Science on Religion’, ‘Transformation through Music’, ‘Theosophy in Australian Culture’ and ‘Spirituality in Religions’.

Picture of Nan Tien Temple Wollongong, with Buddhist flag designed by Col. H S OlcottNan Tien Temple, Wollongong, with Buddhist flag designed by Col. H S Olcott

On Wednesday, 17 January, Convention delegates had the opportunity to travel by coach to Helensburg and visit the beautiful Hindu temple located there, jointly dedicated to Shiva and Vishnu. From there they proceeded to Wollongong to visit the spacious Nan Tien Buddhist temple.

On Friday evening, after the closing of the Convention, delegates were treated to a delightful cruise on Sydney Harbour from were they could see comet McNaught blazing the southern skies! A great finale for a wonderful Convention.