Canyonleigh Study Meeting — May 2005

Picture of participants Canyonleight Study Meeting May 2005Participants at Study Meeting
Canyonleigh May 2005

Over 40 TS members from Sydney, Canberra and other areas of New South Whales, plus a number from Wodonga, Victoria, gathered at the Canyonleigh Theosophical Centre on Sunday, 1 May 2005, for a study meeting on the theme “Exploring Theosophy with N. Sri Ram”.

The basis of the study was the Theosophical Study Paper No. 6, containing two texts by Sri Ram, fifth international President of the TS: “Why Theosophy is Left Undefined”, presented in the morning by Marie Brennan, National Treasurer of the TS in Australia and member of its Canberra Branch; and “The Three Paths in One”, presented in the afternoon by Hana O’Rourke, member of the Blavatsky Lodge, Sydney, and Coordinator of the Gosford Theosophical Group.

The sessions generated lively discussions and members could also socialise over a delicious vegetarian potluck lunch. They also had the opportunity, during the lunch brake, to wander through the beautiful eucalyptus forest around Bolitho House, where the meeting took place.

It is envigased that before too long, with the conclusion of necessary work on Bolitho House, study weekends may be scheduled, which will also benefit members from other areas, like Newcastle.