National Council Meeting, June 2006

Picture of National Council members, TS in Australia June 2006National Council members, TS in Australia (left to right):
Linda Oliveira, Marie Brennan, Patricia Hale,
Donald Fern, Erica Patient, Keith Fisher,
Edward Sinclair, Ruth Holt, Sandra Wilson

On 24 and 25 June 2006 the National Council of the Theosophical Society in Australia met at the National Headquarters in Sydney.

The Council is composed of three ex officio members:

National President: Linda Oliveira,
National Secretary: Donald Fern and
National Treasurer: Marie Brennan

plus six State Representatives:

New South Wales/Australian Capital Territory: Erica Patient
Victoria: Edward Sinclair
South Australia/Northern Territory: Patricia Hale
Tasmania: Ruth Holt and
Western Australia: Keith Fisher

The Chair of the National Council and Vice-President of the Australian Secton of the TS is Erica Patient.

On Friday, 23 June, the councillors were taken to inspect the work on the new TS centre in Canyonleigh, in the Southern Highlands, New South Wales.