Request from the National Museum of Australia

We have received a request from the National Museum of Australia for photographs, posters, books, programmes or other items relating to the theosophical movement in this country. Their preference would be for items with a strong personal story attached to them. These may relate to the Garden Schools, the early years of radio 2GB, the establishment of Lodges, the establishment of TS bookshops, international speakers; anything to do with the TS or the wider theosophical movement in Australia.

Should the Museum acquire any objects from us it would help future curators plan exhibitions relating to spirituality or religion in Australia.

Any member who is willing to part with anything of this nature, or who wishes to discuss the matter, may contact Alison Wishart on (02) 6208 5466. It should be noted that not all objects acquired by the Museum go on display, and not all objects offered are accepted. Information about the Museum’s collection is available online at