The Theosophical Encyclopedia

The most comprehensive single source of theosophical knowledge ever published is now available.

Picture of front cover of the Theosophical Encyclopedia
Theosophical Encyclopedia
(front cover)

It contains articles on:

  • theosophy
  • comparative religion with articles on significant personages of each religion
  • history of the Theosophical Society including those which have become independent of the mother society
  • mysticism and spirituality
  • eastern and western philosophy
  • science
  • mythology and symbolisms
  • ancient religions such as those of Egypt, the Mayans, Inca, etc.
  • indigenous religions such as those of Australia, American Indians, Zulu, etc.
  • parapsychology, spiritualism and psychical research
  • history and activities of the national sections of the Theosophical Society


  • with photos and illustrations
  • with a comprehensive index
  • Sanksrit terms use standard diacritical marks
  • Chinese terms in both Wade-Giles and Pinyin systems of transliteration


Published by Theosophical Publishing House, Philippines.

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