University of Sydney Conference 2010

The Sydney Society for Literature and Aesthetics; The Society for the Study of Religion, Literature and the Arts; and The Theosophical Society in Australia present:

The Legacies of Theosophy—Unveiling the Creative Imaginary

Venue: The University of Sydney, October 1 and 2, 2010.

Cost: $75 excluding the conference dinner ($50 student concession)

This conference, jointly organised with the TS, will explore the cultural legacy of The Theosophical Society, and the wider theosophical movement, in terms of its considerable impact on twentieth century spirituality, modern art, music, literature, politics and science. The works of H.P. Blavatsky sought to demonstrate the existence of a vast evolutionary scheme encompassing the whole of nature, physical and spiritual. Taken up and augmented by the likes of Annie Besant, Rudolf Steiner and others, this broad outline, with its implications for the transformation of the human being, was highly influential in many and varied fields. The conference also seeks to explore the continuity and continuous renewal of some of the key ideas regarding spiritual evolution circulating around the modern theosophical movement, many of which date back to antiquity.

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Anyone wishing to attend the conference may contact the National President on (02) 9264 7056