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Theosophy in Australia was first published from 1921 to 1926, and then from 1935 to the present.

Issues are published in March, June, September and November. If you would like to receive the four issues per year in hard copy then you may take out an annual subscription, including postage. For non-members in Australia the cost is $25 per annum. For overseas subscribers the cost is $30 per annum. For TS members in Australia subscriptions are to be paid along with their membership dues, at a cost of $20 per annum.

Cheques or bank drafts in Australian dollars are payable to The Theosophical Society in Australia and should be mailed to The Theosophical Society, Level 2, 162 Goulburn Street, Surry Hills, NSW 2010. For payments online the BSB is 062028; account number 0090 5994; the account holder The Theosophical Society in Australia.

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Commencing with 2009, past years’ issues are available here as PDF files for reading online or to download: most recent first. Links to 26 previous articles from Theosophy in Australia in web format are provided from the Articles and Essays page

Theosophy in Australia is indexed in the Union Index Of Theosophical Periodicals and included in both the Search Index of Australian Theosophical Periodicals and the Search Index of Theosophical Periodicals.

The opinions expressed in articles are those of their authors.

Further historical information about Australian theosophical periodicals.

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2015 TinA March 2015Volume 79 Number 1 TinA June 2015Volume 79 Number 2 TinA September 2015Volume 79 Number 3 TinA December 2015Volume 79 Number 4
2014 TinA March 2014Volume 78 Number 1 TinA June 2014Volume 78 Number 2 TinA September 2014Volume 78 Number 3 TinA November 2014Volume 78 Number 4
2013 TinA March 2013Volume 77 Number 1 TinA June 2013Volume 77 Number 2 TinA September 2013Volume 77 Number 3 TinA November 2013Volume 77 Number 4
2012 TinA March 2012Volume 76 Number 1 TinA June 2012Volume 76 Number 2 TinA September 2012Volume 76 Number 3 TinA November 2012Volume 76 Number 4
2011 TinA March 2011Volume 75 Number 1 TinA June 2011Volume 75 Number 2 TinA September 2011Volume 75 Number 3 tinacover-2011-novemberVolume 75 Number 4
2010 TinA March 2010Volume 74 Number 1 TinA June 2010Volume 74 Number 2 TinA September 2010Volume 74 Number 3 TinA November 2010Volume 74 Number 4
2009 TinA March 2009Volume 73 Number 1 TinA June 2009Volume 73 Number 2 TinA September 2009Volume 73 Number 3 TinA November 2009Volume 73 Number 4
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