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Springbrook Event for Members

2018 School of Theosophy

‘HPB’s Esoteric Instructions’

For Members of The Theosophical Society

Photo - Michael Gomes

The next School of Theosophy, for TS members, will be held in April 2018.

The theme of the school is ‘HPB’s Esoteric Instructions’.

Guest Presenter: Our guest presenter will be Theosophical historian and researcher, Michael Gomes, from the USA.

Biographical Information: Michael Gomes has written extensively on the work of H. P. Blavatsky and the Theosophical Movement. He has edited a number of Mme. Blavatsky’s writings, including providing abridgements of her major books Isis Unveiled and The Secret Doctrine. As a lecturer he has presented at academic conferences and Theosophical groups. He was chosen to give the prestigious Blavatsky Lecture of the Theosophical Society in England in 2017, honouring the centenary of its establishment. His most recent work is in The Cambridge Handbook of Western Mysticism and Esotericism, where he wrote the chapter on Theosophy. Michael Gomes is Director of the Emily Sellon Memorial Library in New York City.

About this Course: Toward the end of her life Mme. Blavatsky issued instructional material to members of her Esoteric School. Using these as the basis, the nature of esotericism will be explored, including H.P.B.’s contribution to the study of the subject and how her teaching compares with Eastern schools of esotericism.

The book, Esoteric Instructions by H.P. Blavatsky edited by Michael Gomes, published by TPH Adyar, will be used as a reference text and it is suggested that those planning to attend have a copy. Since this programme will be interactive, student participation will be part of the developmental nature of the course.

Dates: arrivals Thursday 26 April – departures Wednesday 2 May, 2018

Location: Springbrook Centre, 2184 Springbrook Road, Springbrook, QLD

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Springbrook 2018 July Event

For Members and Non-Members


Science of Yoga

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There are very few places left for this event at the Springbrook Centre. Please contact the Education Coordinator, Pedro Oliveira, before registering:

By email: edcoord@austheos.org.au, or by telephone, Monday to Thursday, 02 9264 7056.