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Number 10 — December 2004

Are these some of the questions you ask regarding The Theosophical Society and theosophy?

Are there any ideas that are essential to the theosophical philosophy?
Did reincarnation feature in early theosophical literature?
Is there such a thing as ‘modern’ theosophy?
Why did Adyar in India become the Headquarters of The Theosophical Society?
Under what conditions did H. P. Blavatsky write The Secret Doctrine?
Does it matter that there are different editions of The Secret Doctrine?
What was The T. S. like when Annie Besant joined in 1889? And what was her relationship with H. P. Blavatsky?
What was the connection between H. P. Blavatsky and W. Q. Judge?
Why did Annie Besant and C. W. Leadbeater co-author some books?

Of course, answers to these and many other questions may be found in references and publications available in a lodge or group library. However, if the references you want are not available there, you could try the unique library that is located at the headquarters of The T. S. in Australia: The Campbell Theosophical Research Library.

This Library is a specialist research and reference facility and its collection of books, periodicals and other material largely focuses on theosophy from a broad perspective, and the theosophical movement and its history. Although the Library is available by appointment every effort is made to accommodate requests for access, and photocopying may be provided. Anyone who wants to use the Library is most welcome - contact details are on the back page of this newsletter.

Unique and very special internet services

The Campbell Library provides two very useful internet facilities and research tools on its web page.

Links to Theosophical Books Online

This provides a collection of direct links to the texts of over 450 theosophical ‘books’ available on the internet. There are over 640 links, including different online versions of some of the material. ‘Books’ includes books, booklets, collections of articles, as well as significant articles and pamphlets.

A broad and eclectic definition of ‘theosophical’ has been used. As well as obvious theosophical material, also included are a number of classics such as the Bhagavad Gita, Viveka Chudamani, the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, Dhammapada, etc.

There is also an Appendix that contains glossaries, keyword search utilities, and reader and browser programs.

The Union Index of Theosophical Periodicals, online

This unique Index contains approximately 128,000 entries from over 100 theosophical and related periodicals. It enables users to examine details of titles and authors in particular issues of any of the periodicals. Also, in seconds, they can obtain a list of articles by a particular author, or with a particular word or phrase in the title, by using the ‘Search and List Kit’ . This Kit may be downloaded from the Index web page which provides full instructions. The Index is updated regularly.


Of course, the Campbell Library also has an interesting selection of books and here are details of some recent additions:

From the Western Esoteric Masters Series, published by North Atlantic Books, USA:

Helena Blavatsky, edited by Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke, a concise anthology of her extensive writings, with editorial commentary and an essay on her life and work. 1st ed. 2004, 220 pages.

Paracelsus, Selected Readings, selected and translated by Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke. 1st ed. 1999, 208 pages.

Jacob Boehme, edited by Robin Waterfield. An anthology with a biography, letters, and the context of Boehme’s writings. 1st ed. 2001, 372 pages.

The Way of Wisdom, N. Sri Ram. A collection of unrevised transcripts of talks given during 1956-64 on At the Feet of The Master, Light on the Path, The Voice of the Silence and the Bhagavad Gita. TPH Adyar, 1st ed. 1989, 372 pages.

The Letters of H. P. Blavatsky, vol. 1, 1861-1897, edited by John Algeo. Quest Books, 1st ed. 2003, 634 pages.

The Varieties of Religious Experience — a study in human nature, William James. Longmans, Green & Co. UK, 2nd ed. 1902, 534 pages.

Gnosis and Hermeticism — from antiquity to modern times, edited by Roelof van den Broek and Wouter J. Hanegraaf. State Uni. of NY Press, 2nd ed. 1998, 402 pages.

New Age Religion and Western Culture — esotericism in the mirror of secular thought, Wouter J. Hanegraaf. State Uni. of NY Press, 1st ed. 1998, 580 pages.

The Campbell Theosophical Research Library
4th floor 484 Kent Street Sydney NSW 2000 Australia
Telephone: 61 2 9264 7056   Fax: 61 2 9264 5857

The Campbell Library is a part of The Theosophical Society in Australia, a non-sectarian organisation that stands for freedom of search and belief.

The Library is a specialist research and reference facility focussed on theosophy, the theosophical movement and its history. It has a comprehensive range of books, periodicals and other material covering these areas. It also has material that, while not directly related to the theosophical movement, gives a wider historical and cultural context for authors and their works. Anyone interested in its collection is welcome to use the Library which is available most weekdays by appointment. Please note that although material may not be borrowed a photocopying service is available.

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